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european  & international openness of our students  

In the corridors of the CFA européen Louis Prioux foreign languages resonate almost as much as in an airport and the participation in foreign travels is becoming the rule for apprentices.

6 janvier 2016departure for 4 weeks in a company in London for 23 apprentices

In order to prepare our apprentices for a globalized economy, our center multiplies the occasions to bring them to higher level of mastery of languages to be capable of all the spatial, professional, cultural and social mobilities. Our center leads them progressively all along their courses, first of all in a framed way, until they become completely independent when they leave the school.

Le CFA @uropéen is certified by Agence Europe Education France 


At the initiative of teachersthe CFA organizes short-term guided trips every year which aim to give apprentices a taste for mobility and to measure all the professional and personal benefits


During your school years

Niveau IV – 1st year :  4 weeks internship in 1 company in English speaking country in Europe


Niveau III internship of 4 weeks per year in 1 company in Europe or outside Europe


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